ProLights Lumipix 16H


Source: 16 x 12W RGBWAP/FC LED
Colour: RGBW LED
Beam: 36 Degree
Weight: 5.1kg
Dimensions: 1081 / 80 / 183mm

LUMIPIX16H is a linear LED batten of 100cm size designed for professional use, employing an innovative optic system combined with a the new light source which perform a color mixing of 6 primary colors, RGBWAP Fullcolor, granting unprecedent chromatic performance. The super-slim design combined to its extreme color precision and light output, make LUMIPIX16H a flexible and versatile solution for every kind of applications or venues as architectural, cyclorama, wall-washer, pixel effect, blinder.

Manufacturers Link - ProLights Lumipix 16H